Improve the health of your company.

Corporate Wellness

Healthy Employees. Healthy Workplace.

The positive effects go beyond just healthy employees. Putting these simple programs in place will increase productivity and potentially save you money.

Healthy employees, high moral.

Let’s face it, in genereal comapnies who go the extra mile for their employees not only create a positive workplace but keep employees loyal to their company. (Studies Have Shown) When these programs are done right and consistently they help  to reduce absinteeism, lower risks for HIGH health risk employees, and aims to keep company turnover below 10%.

Reduce Healthcare Costs.

 There have been 100s of studies on wellness ROI in the work place. From 2000 to 2010 Johnson & Johnson reported around $250M savings in healthcare costs. From 2002 – 2008 their return was $2.71 on every dollar spent. Not to mention tax incentives and grants under tax legistaltion. This was all done by introducing a health/fitness program to their company. Let us help you create a healthier work place and cut costs at the same tme.

Increase Productivity.

Studies have shown wellness in the workplace helps to reduce absenteeism as well as increase productivity. Presenteeism which refers to the lost productivity that occurs when employees are not fully functioning in the workplace because of an illness, injury, or other condition, was shown to dramatically decrease when employee wellness plans were put in to place. The effects of programs like these have also shown to positively effect mental health and chronic illnesses.