Smarter Movement

Fitness for your life.

Specializing in Bio-Mechanics & HIIT Training

What is Smarter Movement?

Smarter Movement was founded by Ohio born fitness guru Ronnie Clawson in 2020. With a passion for fitness Ronnie is dedicated to changing lives through a dedicated fitness and health routine designed specifically for each client. To learn more click below.

Classes Start at $99 a month

Personalized Fitness Plans

We understand everybody’s fitness

goals are different. With a FREE 30

MINUTE consultation we will come

up with the best plan specifically

for you. We specilizie in HIIT

Training and Bio-Mechanics to

make sure your goals are met,

and then some.

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Corporate Wellness

Studies show Corporate Wellness programs improve productivity, reduce healthcare costs, and promote inclusion and diversity. Learn how to get your company signed up today!

Let’s Talk Nutrition

It takes more than just a good workout. We will work with you to create a diet plan that adaquately compliments your personal workout plan.

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